A Girl and an Idea

Once upon a time a girl had an idea. Then one idea became two ideas and before she knew it a few little ideas became a big huge real life dream. You could say I wasn’t always a clothing designer, although those that know me best may disagree. I did not go to design school and didn’t even learn to sew until I was 26, but I picked that skill up rather quickly and became a bit obsessed with the art. Every chance I got, usually during my daughter’s nap time, I would sneak up to my guest room turned sewing room and quickly try to create with that sewing machine one of the many designs that were flooding my head. As gobs of fabric showed up at my doorstep, my husband wondered what exactly I was doing with all of this fabric. 

Thus a small company was born…you may have heard of it…Mustard Pie Clothing. When I started my first girl’s clothing line in 2009 I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. But, I packed up and headed to what I had been told by many children’s boutique owners, was the best show to attend if you wanted to get the most orders for your line. With big dreams in my heart and a small 40 piece sample set in tow, I set up my booth at ENK Children’s Club International SURE I would be getting the big ones like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Chasing Fireflies to name a few. This was IT! I had an amazing product and I knew I was going to hit it big! Sadly, my dreams were bigger than my reality and I left that first show with a mere $3,000 in orders and a slightly crushed spirit. But, every time I seemed to get knocked down, a little glimmer of hope would spring up and tell me to keep pushing on a little longer. A mention in a magazine. A happy customer sending an email of how much their daughter loved twirling in her Mustard Pie skirt.  A new store placing a large order for our next season. The blows were big but the victories were bigger and so I kept going. 

Finally, in 2011 we sought out a partner in crime. A magical place that could fully realize my designs and share the love of free spirited design that I had. Some might say when we found our factory, Mustard Pie was finally able to come to LIFE. We joined forces in 2012 and have never looked back! So as Mustard Pie quickly grew and so did my daughter who originally inspired the collection, I knew I needed something new and fresh to fit her blossoming personality. Sure she was girly and loved fashion, but her tastes were changing as she was becoming a young lady in front of my eyes. In my life I have always gravitated toward a very free spirited boho inspired look, and it seemed my daughter was longing for the same. But where could she find it for her age? It seemed to be nowhere. A space of children’s fashion that was somewhat untouched. So, I took it upon myself to create some boho inspired pieces that would be perfect for my little lady on in to her tween and teen years. Not long after the ideas began to flood my head, was Jak & Peppar born. The newest of dreams to become a reality. 

So in 2014 we brought our first collection to market and it was clear people all around the country were craving this look. This was something that had not yet been done and people could not get enough! Much of our first collection sold out before it even hit stores and the rest is history! I am so thankful for what we have built and I hope you love each and every piece we create for you<3

January 19, 2017 by Shannon Rihm